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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E28: Revolutionizing Commercial Mortgage Lending – How Technology is Reshaping a Global Industry with GPARENCY’s Ira Zlotowitz

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This episode, GPARENCY’s Founder and CEO Ira Zlotowitz talks about the unique aspects of the commercial real estate industry, how technology is affecting the real estate space, and the massive shift happening in commercial real estate.

Ira Zlotowitz Is the Founder and CEO of GPARENCY, which is changing how CRE funding is done and creating more opportunities for others. They’ve gained national attention for their revolutionary pricing model and reputation for closing complex deals. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:

  • The big industries that have been disrupted by tech.
  • How ChatGPT is being implemented into law.
  • The number of jobs that will be lost to AI.
  • The unique aspects of the commercial real estate industry.
  • How technology is changing commercial real estate.
  • The way real estate agents’ compensation is changing.
  • Creating an entire webpage with ChatGPT.
  • Raising a large amount of funding.
  • Implementing AI into a business.
  • The fundamentals to building a successful business.
Connect with Ira Zlotowitz:
Connecting with the host:
  • 13:01 – “The lawyers using ChatGPT are going to replace the lawyers not, because they’re going to pick the best five, they’re probably going to pay those five a little bit more so they’re going to be five happier lawyers that’s why I did this survey on LinkedIn I believe I think 40 percent of jobs are gone.”
  • 20:43 – “Imagine you work in a soup kitchen it’s a freaking amazing job you’re helping people all day but you don’t make enough money you work for a company make big money somewhere but you don’t feel fulfilled in what you’re doing I meet people merchant cash advance loans they’re making a killing but they feel terrible every day they mess people up along the way but they make their money that way I always wanted to be in a situation where I could do both at the same time.”
  • 40:28 – “My top broker that year made 6 million dollars, I would say it’s hundreds of thousands is the majority of people then you have a few go up to a million obviously the last few years were crazy people made crazy obscene money the last couple of years.”
  • 51:15 – “I used to be a big fan of education a huge fan of education unless you’re becoming a doctor where you need the licensing I don’t think you need to go to college. I think high school education is over because when you need something ChatGPT and it’s just getting better as time goes on.”
  • 1:21:34 – “In teach people how to social bowl, if you go bowling with a bunch of buddies tomorrow and you bowl less than a hundred it’s embracing so how do I teach you how to get a hundred, here’s how to do it. Next time you go bowling most people aim for the pins that’s a mistake. How the hell do you hold a bowl from nine to twelve pounds throw sixty feet and hit what you want to hit it’s not possible but if you notice the next time you look down on the floor about two feet out is dots another foot out is arrows you have one job get it between the middle dots and the middle arrow if you do that and it’s easy it’s only 2 foot out if you can go one-foot straight statistical odds are you’ll end up  with an eight or a ten on every single throw.”

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