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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E25: The Rise of AI and How it Will Transform America’s Economy with Sean Boyce and Chris Carr

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This episode, NxtStep Consulting’s Founder Sean Boyce, and Farotech’s CEO Chris Carr talk about how AI will affect the American economy, the black box elements of large language models, and Open AI’s journey from non-profit to capped-profit company.

Chris Carr is the President and CEO of Farotec which specializes in inbound marketing and SEO strategy. Chris has worked in marketing for over two decades and has a proven track record of results.

Sean Boyce has run his own consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years and has founded multiple other companies at the same time. He’s extremely experienced in working with B2B SaaS product businesses and is well-known for having a big impact on the businesses he’s worked with. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:

  • The reasons people are concerned about AI.
  • Ways to automate website development.
  • The unique aspects of ChatGPT’s rise in popularity.
  • How AI will affect the American economy.
  • How much time AI can save programmers.
  • The black box elements of large language models.
  • Open AI’s journey from non-profit to capped-profit company.
  • The rise of driverless taxi services and how this will affect society.
  • When we’ll have technology implanted in our bodies.
  • 4:56 – “This guy sold a million dollars worth of testosterone, fake testosterone he got a video clip of Joe Rogan talking to Hubbard or one of these really big wellness guys and the podcast was normal but what he did he spliced in a deepfake for only 5 minutes 30 seconds where he deep faked both of the two people in the podcast and Joe Rogan’s like well if you want to have massive gains you gotta get this testosterone and then the other guy agrees with him and they sold a million dollars of not fake testosterone, just testosterone product over Amazon all born for a 30-second segment.”
  • 18:53 – “I looked up how long it’s taken the various most popular platforms to get to 1 million users and the next closest to ChatGPT is 2 and a half months and ChatGPT achieved a million users in 5 days.”
  • 26:25 – “The first really public implementation of AI that we saw is the autocomplete that Google launched so when you start typing a sentence on Google search it fills in all the answers for you and shows you the most popular searches and that was the first iteration of machine learning or AI that we saw in a public setting that I’m aware of there’s probably others but that’s the biggest most common one and that’s an example of a feature that’s so integrated into a core product that you don’t know it’s AI you don’t have to think about the fact it’s AI it’s just part of the product experience.”
  • 40:03 – “ChatGPT came out it forced Google to play their hand and why in the world would Google want to abandon something that they had a whole stranglehold on the monetization of ads so the fact that Bard is out has nothing to do with oh the technology is ready it was like ChatGPT came out we’re losing market share and now we have to respond.”
  • 1:02:38 – “You think to yourself I will never put a computer in my mind like a Neuralink or anything like that you’ll never do that and they’re like I’ll never do that, and I’m like 2029. 2029 is the Turing test where you won’t be able to tell whether you’re in the synthetic world or not. We spend tones of money to get an iPhone that’s just a little bit faster than the last one and the last one, once they can put technology somewhere in your body that can make you operate even 2 to 5 percent better to people that don’t have it, you wait to see how many people adopt it.”
  • 1:04:20 – “If that technology keeps getting smaller and smaller and then all of a sudden I’m drinking some nano pods and all of a sudden I get a six pack because it controls my metabolism, it controls my muscle formation and all of a sudden aesthetically I just don’t age are you telling me people are like but there’s a computer in my body so I’m out, I guarantee you you will line up for this fountain of youth thing.”
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