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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E27: What it’s like at YC and how to quickly turn profitable after raising with InEvent’s Pedro Góes

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This episode, InEvent’s CEO Pedro Góes talks about how to get funding for a startup, ways to new businesses can build credibility, and what makes a tech business idea a success.

Pedro Góes is currently the CEO of InEvent, a Y Combinator venture-backed company providing an event, marketing and sales platform for Forbes 2000 Global companies, including Amazon, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Santander, Unilever, Boeing, Embraer and Citibank.

Previously Pedro started a company in college where he had more than 10,000 monthly active paying users. He is a Y Combinator Alumni, a 40 under 40 founder by Association Magazine, a UK Event Tech Award Winner, and a Gold Crocodile Award Winner. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:

  • How to get a business’s first customers.Scaling a business to million dollars of annual revenue.
  • The interview process for the Y Combinator program.
  • The benefits Y Combinator has.
  • The best way to compare company valuations.
  • How to raise credibility for a new business.
  • The most critical part of a contract.
  • The fluid nature of law.
  • What makes tech business ideas successful.
  • Why finance and dating apps are so successful.


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13:11 – “When you have the idea you have to act on it you have to transform that into business that’s going to be measurable and you’re going to be able to track new customers, new active users, or new revenue or customer renewals you’ve got to have a metric on this and those are really boring things honestly dealing with customer issues customers are really not looking for the coolest thing all the time sometimes especially B2B business they just have a problem it’s usually a boring problem to solve and they just want a solution that’s going to address that.”

29:59 – “I used to think of the law as very black and white you either were breaking the law or you’re not breaking the law and it’s black or white it’s on or off it’s binary and what I learned and this shaped my perception of the entire world in general is that everything is negotiable, everything is fluid, there’s no black and white there’s a million shades of grey in between something and something isn’t good or bad, it’s not true or false there’s negotiation and wiggle room in everything.”

42:49 – “Their still worth tens of billions of dollars apps that you have never seen before so it’s just insane the valuation that you have on these dating apps and the second things is finance apps, apps that make you more money and if I think about it like my cofounder said it makes sense because it’s always about what people want to do in their life, they want to date someone, go on a date, or make money.”

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