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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E11: How to Double E-commerce Revenue Overnight with TallSlim Tees Dan Deceuster

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This episode, the Founder of TallSlim Tees Dan Deceuster talks about how to test if an e-commerce product will be a success, how he grew his e-commerce brand to a company with 6-figure annual revenues, and the different marketing techniques he found to be successful.

Dan Deceuster is an affiliate marketer turned e-commerce entrepreneur and the Founder/Owner of Deceuster Digital.
He has a wealth of experience as a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur, successfully building the brand TallSlim Tees which was highly successful before illness forced him to sell the business.
After recovering, Dan helped others with their marketing becoming a VP of Digital Marketing and Marketing Director. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:
  • Affiliate marketing vs e-commerce.
  • How to test if an e-commerce product will be a success.
  • How to use forums to generate traffic and build up your SEO score.
  • The challenges of staying competitive in the e-commerce space.
  • How Google Ads can help you find new keywords.
  • How to use short blog posts to boost your SEO score.
  • Successful retargeting campaigns.
  • The power of niche influencers.
  • How men and women shop differently.
Connect with Dan Deceuster:
Connecting with the host:
  • 4:22 – “Oftentimes sites get stale it’s hard to keep up with content because Google is always rewarding content and with affiliates you just have your one little affiliate link, I think it was just this week or last Google’s already said we’re going to start rewarding sites that have multiple links.”
  • 7:17 – “Finally, my light bulb went off and you know what I’ve never been able to find a t-shirt that just fit and I went to Google and I searched t-shirts for tall skinny guys and every result was a forum on Reddit or or something where the forum thread question was hey does anyone know where I can get t-shirts for tall skinny guy and all the responses were no but if you ever find out please let us know so I thought hmm maybe there’s an opportunity here.”
  • 17:01 – “It taught me a ton though I used affiliates because I knew the affiliate space, I used ambassadors and social media to get it out there, I used SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, I just learned the entire arsenal of online marketing tactics and had a great time doing it because the brand was me so people who liked the brand were responding to me.”
  • 24:16 – “Where it really started to take off was doing Facebook and on Facebook I did retargeting and so what the strategy was I hired a writer that would come in, and these blog posts were maybe 300 words, they were pretty short but we would basically just answer any question that had the word tall.”

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