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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E6: Revealing Law Enforcement’s biggest Tech risks with James Corbett

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This episode, Co-Founder of IMPaCT and Project Refit James Corbett talks about how to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in communication platforms, how social media platforms control data, and the state of safety and mental health in the United States.

James Corbett is the Co-Founder of IMPaCT, an AI-powered, real-time CJIS-compliant, highly secure, role-based access information-sharing application designed to simplify and enhance law enforcement communication.

Jame is also the Co-Founder of Project Refit which is building tools and processes to combat isolation in the hopes of reducing suicide. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:

  • The problems with the current communication tools law enforcement uses.
  • How to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in communication platforms.
  • The impact brain injuries have on people.
  • How an app can reduce suicide rates nationwide.
  • The network effect and how product strategy changes during periods of growth.
  • The problems with TikTok and its danger to cybersecurity.
  • How social media platforms control data.
  • Safety and mental health in the United States.
  • Why the United States is such a good place for innovation.
  • The future of warfare.


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  • 28:10 – “I promise you as soon as we launch out that app you’re going to see suicide rates dramatically drop off from the date that we launch our app, that’s my goal and that’s going to happen, you’re going to see it happening.”
  • 37:09 – “2018 to 2020 we were reaching over a million people per month averaging, I know that in 2019 the data said we reached around 35 million people, that was on Facebook, it was impressions, which is absurd and we had no idea that we were doing that.”
  • 41:45 – “For marketing, it really comes down to networking is massive so I’m talking about in-person networking, going to events, shaking hands, kissing babies, telling stories, that’s where it’s all about that is where massive growth in terms of the financial side comes from in terms of social growth social media is where it’s at.”
  • 52:42 – “The good guys need better tools because the bad guys they’ll use consumer-based applications that can blow the communication methods that they’re using out of the water, and they are and they’re doing it successfully so I’m trying to catch up the good guys on our end and then blow them away with a tactical AI functionality that we’re putting into our platform.”
  • 57:51 – “We were reaching one million people per month through Facebook alone, and then out of nowhere I have the proof out of nowhere we’re going from one million one month down to fifteen thousand, seven thousand the next, it made no sense so something happened back in 2020 timeframe and it’s starting to get leaked out more and more.”

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