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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E4: How to get VC funding from the US Gov and companies working to remove forever chemicals

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Greg Fridman is the Founder and CEO of AAPlasma, an R&D firm focused on cold plasma. He is an entrepreneur and academic, as well as a creative problem solver, decisive team leader, and persuasive communicator.
Greg is a seasoned R&D director with strong team building, and technology integration skills, and has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, with an interest in synthetic chemistry, plasma chemistry, catalysis, and plasma engineering.
Greg is also a principal investigator and Co-PI on multiple government and private grants with an overall budget exceeding $15M. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:
  • What forever chemicals are used for and the problems they have.
  • How to reduce the harm fluorocarbons cause.
  • The challenges of replacing fluorocarbons.
  • How to filter forever chemicals out of water.
  • The difficulties of regenerating activated carbon.
  • The need for a new invention to replace fluorocarbons.
  • The issues with owning a new electric car.
  • How to get government funding as a tech startup.
  • The difference between venture capital and government funding.
  • What SBIR is and how you get funding through these programs.
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