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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E34: Founding and Scaling an Online Training Platform with TrainHeroic’s Josh Sutchar

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This episode, TrainHeroic’s Co-founder Josh Sutchar talks about the importance of business strategy for personal trainers and gym owners, different ways to improve user engagement, and the future of training.

Josh Sutchar is the Co-Founder of TrainHeroic, an online training platform for coaches and athletes. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:

  • What makes a product successful.
  • Different benefits of using metrics to measure engagement.
  • Ways to improve user engagement and commitment.How to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • How coaches can use technology to collect data and get a holistic picture of their athletes’ progress.
  • The common traits places have where people regularly live to be over 100 years old.
  • What makes a training plan effective.
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  • 22:33 – “It’s better to go and build the champions, speak the language to each individual champion, and then the sale just happens at the top level. Once you have the whole champion force behind you rooting for your platform. Yeah. And it has a lot of concepts of teaching your customers, taking control of the sale. Taking the customer, taking the prospect through a journey of understanding, you know, learning new things, learning new things that they didn’t know before. And then understanding the emotional impact of what those new things that they’ve just learned have on their business or their revenue or their risk profile.”
  • 29:56 – “The head of OC said to me this is the single best investment that we’ve ever made in our operators. It’s cause everybody was using it, right? It’s like you can have equipment that collects dust, or you can have equipment that’s being used and everybody was using it. And my point here is just yes, to answer your question you can go at this different elevation and sell it in at the top, but we just didn’t see the buy-in. Like we’ve done that even with corporate gyms, if you will, right? You sell it at the top, and now you’re playing this game to really get it sold to each coach. When it’s their idea, it goes much better. I used to have this mentor, he said if you help them plan the fight, then they won’t fight the plan.”
  • 26:07 – “Colorado’s such a great place for a business like this. There’s so much tech out there. There’s a lot of VC out there, and literally every single person in Colorado is an athlete of some kind. Like everyone’s so outdoors either snowboarding, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, you know, everyone just plans their life around being in shape and doing adventurous stuff. So it’s I feel like you guys are in the absolute right place for what you’re doing.”
  • 35:01 – “His business model, like the gym launch thing the playbook basically, almost kind of like what you guys are doing for trainers in a way. I think laying out the playbook. It’s such a good business model because people who have a lot of people are not business savvy. They just have, like you said, they have a passion to do something. They want to do that thing that they love doing, and they want to make a living doing it, but they don’t know how to run Facebook ads. They don’t know how to install Facebook pixels. They don’t know how to run a sales funnel.”
  • 44:05 – “That can make you feel a certain way for you, it might be hey I want to make my coach proud. Or for me, it’s like hey, I know my coach is looking at my training session, so I want to make sure that I get the training session and like, Hey, last week I did four of these, and we’re supposed to be progressing, I’m going to go for this fifth rep. And it’s not because it’s set in on my training plans, cause I care about and want to make the coach that programmed it for me feel like his work is worthwhile, and I’m worthwhile.”

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