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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E21: Discovering hidden relationships between customers and prospects with Bob Moore from Crossbeam

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Bob Moore has been working in SaaS businesses fo over 15 years and has founded three separate successful online businesses.
One of the businesses Bob is the co-founder and CEO of is Crossbeam a partner ecosystem platform that acts as an escrow service for data to help companies build more valuable partnerships. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow:
  • How Bob learned about the venture capital world.
  • The ways companies can optimize the way they use data.
  • How data storage and processing is evolving.
  • What it’s like working for a large tech enterprise.
  • How to access all of your data in a single database.
  • Combining data from multiple businesses.
  • How to align multiple sales teams with each other.
  • The implications ChatGPT will have on Google search.
  • The benefits ChatGPT has over Google.
Connect with Bob Moore:
Connecting with the host:
  • 6:45 – “You think of a VC and they’ve got startups lined up around the block Shark Tank style bringing business plans and ideas hoping to get capital. At Insight we were trying to give money to companies that didn’t want it or didn’t need it so it made Insight a very successful firm because it got very smart and disciplined and was very savvy about the bets it would pick and how it put its money to work but a side effect of that is you actually have to do demand generation.”
  • 25:58 – “When you’re thinking about starting a new company or not and just paying attention you’re always on the hunt for this elusive product market fit that’s the buzzword always and I feel like what I had in that Magento moment was half of that equation I had the market which was look let’s not think about product and how to solve the problem right now but let’s just think about if a solution did exist what could you do if you suddenly unearthed this data layer that had never been accessible before that was all of the data that sits at the center of all the ven diagrams between all the companies out there that collaborate and work together if you could do that the magnitude of this thing would be absolutely incredible.”
  • 38:30 – “They thought that AI would replace all the mathematicians and the scientists and the last living ones would be the artists but it’s doing the exact opposite, the first things that AI is actually going after effectively is creating incredible drawings and music and  poetry and the written word and farts apparently which is definitely an art form, yea it’s pretty wild.”
  • 39:01 – “I have literally stopped going to Google for a lot of my searches and I go to ChatGPT and it’s not even the generative part it’s the contextualizing of the knowledge that exists across the internet.”

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