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E6: Cutting Edge Law Enforcement Technology that makes the Police more Efficient

Cache Flow Podcast

E48: A Sales Development Masterclass from the Trenches with Gabe Lullo

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Gabe Lullo, CEO of Alleyoop and renowned sales trainer, shares his experiences and expertise in the SaaS market and outbound sales. The importance of outsourcing prospecting and building effective sales development teams is emphasized. The role of vision, execution, and strong leadership in achieving sales success is explored. Hiring and training successful Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are discussed, along with personalized incentives and strategies for overcoming challenges. The effectiveness of video and AI in sales outreach, as well as embracing change and pivoting in business, are also highlighted.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Cache Flow Podcast.

  • Sales development reps (SDRs) emerged in the tech and SaaS space, but the role has now expanded to other industries.
  • Outsource prospecting agencies, like the SDR agency Gabe works with, can provide a productive and competitive environment for SDRs.
  • Companies must have a strong go-to-market vision and execution plan in order to succeed in sales.
  • CEOs must have a rock-hard vision and product-market fit to effectively incorporate sales support functions.
  • The hiring process at Allego involves a collective effort where team members vote on potential hires, ensuring a good fit.
  • Tracking video outreach allows for better analytics and more informed follow-up.
  • Pivoting is a best practice for companies to navigate changing market demands.
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Connect with our host, Brian Dainis:
  • 27:52 – If you attach a human to a list of intent, you know, you can take over markets, right? So that is really, really good data to go after because to your point, they’re seeing what’s going on, the scoops are coming in and, you know, we all know timing is probably the most important thing in sales. And if that is already, if you already know that magic eight ball about the timing piece, you know, everything else is just pretty much, you know, whether or not you can figure out how to sell it or not.
  • 36:28 – We look for people who have grit, we look for people who wanna go the extra mile. We look for hungry people who want to, you know, really make their mark. And that’s what we, that’s what we look for when it comes to hiring. And we usually get it right, sometimes we don’t. But when we do our coaching, the training, you know, really takes ’em to the whole another level.
  • 44:30 –  I think right now automation has created so much stuff getting thrown your way through automation that you have to figure out ways to cut through the noise and be relevant. And that’s the big piece of it. I think personalization is important, but not like it used to be. You know, people are like, oh wow, I saw you went to the same college as my buddy Fred did, you know, I’m be like, that’s not personalization like it used to be. Everyone sees through that these days. It’s relevance that wins. And if you can be relevant and stick out and do something different, maybe like create a custom video or do something that is human, people are gonna gravitate towards that over all the static emails that are being sent.
  • 50:43 – I guarantee if we didn’t have video, it probably would’ve not happened because of that relationship is so much more important when you see the person. So that was one of the reasons why we did it. The other reason is to your point is you know, you’re cutting through the noise. So you can create a short personalized video as an SDR and send that out and then you can track it. So it gives you an opportunity to track it as well. So you can see did they watch it? How long, how long did they watch it for? Did they watch it more than once? Did they click on any links or go to our website at the end? And it really gives you some analytics behind it and then allows you to maybe make a call.
  • 57:45 –  And I think pivoting is like a word that really needs to be adopted by so many founders right now. Like, there’s a lot of companies doing very, very well, and I think a lot of them, the ones that are know how to pivot and are accepting that as a best practice. And so pivoting is something we all have to, you know, really embrace and change is, is a good thing and if, if you adapt to it. And so I couldn’t agree more.

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